Inspiring other people to fly...

Bringing a conscience intent to send love through our communities
and popular culture by spreading the mystical magic of crystal energy.
Keeping a beautiful token of protection and light energy close to your heart
will guide you through your journey.


voler crystal pouches

Crystals and gems have been used for thousands of years to enhance emotional,
physical and spiritual well being. Crystals work through the vibration of the chakras
having their own unique energy, which helps to bring balance
to your mind, body and soul.  

The VOLER love pouch was created to support that spiritual balance and growth.
Your precious gold pouch is a beautiful vessel for your personal energy healing. Carrying the crystal(s)
your body physically or energetically needs can reduce stress and improve quality of life. 

We encourage you to start your spiritual journey with the VOLER amulet. 

who we are

Your Voler pouch was created by Grace Raymond and Jacquie Aiche. 
Grace Raymond has always been invested in the properties of stones.
When she decided to make a amulet to carry crystals she chose Jacquie to bring her vision to life. 
Jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche has been creating pieces with gemstones and minerals for over 10 years.
She is well known for her work with positively charged stones.
With Grace’s vision and Jacquie’s craft the result is truly something magical. 

charitable partner

When you purchase your Voler crystal pouch 30% of the proceeds will go to Donors Choose.
Within 48 hours of your purchase you will receive a email with your Donors Choose gift code to support
public school classrooms. You will have the opportunity to go to donorschoose.org to find the classroom
projects that inspire you and allocate as much as you want to each. 

Donors Choose is a organization that supports public schools in the US on a project specific basis.
It was started in 2000 by Charles Best, a public school teacher in the Bronx, NY.
Through Donors Choose teachers can post classroom projects and needs, and donors can choose
which projects they want to support. The organization vets all requests and budgets, purchases all materials,
and ships materials directly to the verified schools. Donors Choose is open to public schools nation wide
and have fulfilled over 600,000 classroom project requests thus far. 



Your Voler pouch is handmade with love in Jaipur, India. 

Each pouch is created by a small team of 10 artisans. The process takes about 15 days,
each link is hand made then laser soldered one at a time. Not a single aspect of this process
is mechanized, No computer to mold or cast, these pieces are 100% hand made.
Each link soldered is carefully overseen by expert human eyes.


Our pieces are handmade with love

Please allow 2-3 weeks for production on each crystal pouch.
We offer complimentary overnight shipping on all orders placed in the United States.
You will receive an email with your UPS tracking number
once your order is complete.

For International Orders, please note that the consumer is responsible
for any tax and duty fees on orders that must go through customs.
For legal purposes, the value of your shipment is non-negotiable and
must directly reflect the cost of the jewelry.

All of our shipments require an adult signature at delivery.
If you would like to change this, please contact info@volerlove.com

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